Area Benefits

A Grand Destination

For well over 100 years, Lake Tahoe has represented the ideal retreat for body and soul. While its rugged spirit and incredible beauty can satisfy anyone’s desires, it is also well known as a haven for those who seek adventure and excitement. Whether you enjoy the extreme or pursue the conventional, Tahoe is the playground for you.

The South Shore of Lake Tahoe, home to the Marriott Grand Residence Club, is undergoing an unprecedented renaissance of spectacular proportions. New and exciting developments and resorts are protecting the delicate environment while breathing life into the area, polishing it into a sparkling jewel.

This is your rare opportunity to own at Marriott Grand Residence Club, Lake Tahoe, and become part of a prestigious tradition in the heart of the South Shore. It is your chance to participate in the historic rebirth of a legendary community.

"The bustling shore of Lake Tahoe….is undergoing an estimated $500 million makeover to replace most of its 1950s and 1960s-era budget motels with sleeker, more environment-friendly buildings…. Marriott opened its … 199-room Grand Residence Club."

- The Wall Street Journal — May 7, 2003