Levels of Ownership

A Grand Array of Choices

Not only does Marriott Grand Residence Club afford you a variety of options in selecting the exact residence to meet your needs, it also provides levels of ownership that allow you to design the perfect solution for you. Marriott fractional ownership offers more flexibility than you ever imagined.

Marriott Grand Residence Club seasonal options can accommodate winter, summer, or year-round usage. Innovative fractions of time can be aligned with your usage needs, when you choose from a Winter Season, Summer Season, Tahoe Season (Spring/Fall) or All Season ownership option.

Supreme flexibility is a hallmark of fractional ownership with Marriott. During your allocated time, you can stay for a week, a long weekend, or overnight. Equally important, you can rent or exchange the time you do not plan to use, or send friends to stay in your absence. Your sales executive can help you design ownership with the precise usage flexibility you to make your dreams of a second home come true.

"High-end fractional ownerships come with lower out-of-pocket costs than buying a single-family residence, without the maintenance, security and housekeeping worries of owning a second or third home."

- Mountain Living - April 2003